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Jackie’s stage play performances garner standing ovations and rave reviews from audiences. As a visionary, she stars, writes, and directs her cast in all of her productions.  Licensed and ordained, she is one of the most highly sought ministerial and motivational speakers for conferences, churches, civic organizations, sororities, fraternities, and entertainment events.  Her proven business expertise has resulted in her products, books, and services being carried by major vendors, such as including Wal-mart, Wholefoods, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Booksamillion.  Jackie’s musical recordings have gained thousands of views on social media and YouTube.


Jackie is known as the woman who single handedly changed the face of child day care in Georgia through her advocacy which resulted in the passage of Juan’ Law in 2004 named in honor of her late son who died as a result of injuries sustained at his state licensed child care center. Her tenacious fight for change was again victorious in the state of Virginia who also passed Juan's Law in 2006. She took her fight to the United States Capitol and gained another success for her cause with the passage of The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Act in 2009. She currently travels the country speaking and promoting child care safety as well as meeting with officials to develop protocols to protect children who are entrusted in day care centers.


Jackie has a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies, an Masters in Business Administration, and an Educational Specialists Degree in Educational Leadership. She is adjunct instructor in the field of business.  She works closely with her husband Dr. Kevin M. Daus as his medical practice administrator and advisor. She has two children and enjoys cooking, long walks with her husband, fishing, and singing.

Job position: Medical Office Manager

​2012 - present


Jackie currently is the practice manager for Premier Women's Specialists, PC and is also a consultant for other medical office practices to help them to run the business side of the practice of medicine.



Job position. Juanderful Products

​2012 - present




Jackie has developed her own hair and skin product line called Juanderful Products!  She wants you to ​Be Healthy!  Jackie Boatwright Enterprises LLC works very hard to find and utilize the finest ingredients in their products to help restore damaged hair and skin.  Most people do not associate hair loss and skin irritation with the products they are using. Some of the same ingredients found in your shampoo, skin lotions, soaps and conditioners can also be found in everyday household chemicals that explicitly state do not ingest. Remember whatever you put on your skin gets into your body. The Juanderful Products family wishes you good health and beautiful, healthy hair and skin. 


Hair loss in women is on the rise more today than ever. If you know someone who is experiencing hair loss, I urge you to join our "Pass It On" efforts. Tell the sisters, mothers, girlfriends, daughters in your life about how Juanderful Products provide hair and skin solutions!   For more information on hair and skin solutions, contact Jackie today.


Job position. Child Care Advocate

​2001 - present


On September 9, 2001 her faith was put to the test when her son Juan, then 14 months old, was found head-first and motionless in an unattended bucket of mop water while attending daycare. Doctors told her that Juan, would never amount to anything and he would be a vegetable. By faith in God, she brought him home after 65 tedious and trying days in the hospital! Jackie wrote and self-published a book about her ordeal entitled "Juan's Story" which tells how God personally stepped in and ordered every step of Juan's care.

Jackie was devastated when she learned that the center was uninsured and Juan was unable to cover the millions of dollars needed for his medical care. Her tenacity unveiled a horrible truth about state-licensed daycare centers in Georgia: they are not required by law to carry liability insurance.


On March 19, 2004 after Jackie led a one woman crusade for change, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signed "Juan's Law." Her research revealed that more than 40 states have this same practice.


Jackie traveled to Virginia and convinced lawmakers to pass "Juan's Law," Governor Tim Kaine signed it into law in 2006.


Her fight to protect children led her to the United States Capitol where she convinced Congressman John Barrow to introduce "The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Act" which passed the House in 2007 and again June of 2009. The bill has stalled in the Senate but Jackie continues her efforts to get this a national law!  She hopes her title of Mrs. Georgia International will allow her to continue her push for the passage of the "The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Act" as a federal law.


The city of Augusta, GA renamed Lincolnton Parkway, Anthony DeJuan Parkway on May 5, 2008.  She has started the Antony DeJuan Boatwright Foundation in 2010 to further her child care advocacy.

Jackie Boatwright's efforts to protect children have been covered in MONEY Magazine, on CNN Headline News, the Associated Press and many other news medias.


Jackie has a BS in Pre-Law and a Masters in Business Administration  and an EdS in Educational Leadership. Jackie is a mother to 2 sons and is married to Kevin M. Daus, MD. She was crowned Mrs. Georgia International 2016.


Liberty University, EdS
Liberty Univeristy, MBA
University or Maryland, BS Legal Studies



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